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Circular No.30/VIII/2023








Meeting at Mumbai on 30th August 2023


The constituents of UFBU met at Mumbai on 30th August 2023.  AIBOA was represented by Com.V.Viswanathan, President, AIBOA -Maharashtra State Committee in the meeting as the principal office bearers were held up.


2.         On behalf of our organisation Com.V.Viswanathan raised the issue of D.A. payable to LIC compared to Bank employees.  As on date, the LIC workforce is drawing nearly 6% more.  This is going to have cascading effect in our current wage revision as well as going to be permanent gap in our retiral components too, in the long run.


3.         Updation of Pension:  In the absence of the confirmation of the pension provision in the individual Banks as at the close of 31.03.2022 [ by obtaining actuarial certificate] the issue of updation remains a non starter.


4.         Current wage revision:  Our representative made it amply clear that the exercise attempted to arrive at a consensus pertaining to the wage revision  in the meeting, should have been carried out on 06.08.2023 prior to the first round initiated by IBA.


5.         Participation in the IBA Discussion:  The cause of action arose, as the four individuals, conducted the meeting in their personal capacity on 27.08.2023 at Delhi.  Besides this action, they had represented to UFBU Convenor to allow them to participate in the meeting held at Mumbai on 30.08.2023.  It was decided by the UFBU constituents on 30.08.2023 that there "exists a" legal dispute, no one will be allowed to participate in the discussion with IBA.


We shall keep the developments informed from time to time.


Yours comradely,



Circular No.29/VIII/2023









Our attention has been drawn to an information circulating in Social Media claiming to represent  our Organisation, which need not be given cognisance at all. The author of the message was a delegate, who represented Delhi State Committee, participated in the preliminary discussions with other office bearers of AIBOA with a service provider on 17.02.2023 and also signed the minutes of the meeting for conducting through E-Voting process.  Not only he was party to the decisions collectively arrived at the meetings held after the 8th National Conference held at Chandigarh in Nov 2022, but also filed the nomination for the post of General Secretary in the E-voting processand secured only 31 votes out of the 441 votes polled. In addition to this, troubles brewed at the Conference venue in third day, as he collected the delegate cards and distributed to the delegates not belonging to Delhi State.


2. The four representatives had indulged in an anti-organisational activities with a sole motive to deny the officers of their rightful expectations from  the organisation. In spite of our sincere counselling not to indulge in anti -organisational activities, they did breach our advices in a blatant manner. The organisational discipline and decorum were breached at the conference venue, which the delegates had witnessed/experienced.. Our efforts to accommodate the  individuals, who were aspiring tooccupy important positions, did not bear fruits.


3. In view of the above, State committees and affiliated units are to percolate this message in clear and louder tone not to be carried away by the information circulated as the decision of the meeting, as the same is convened in their personal capacity.


With greetings,


Yours Comradely,




Circular No. 28/VIII/2023










We have already informed the State committees and affiliated units about the legal intervention sought by the Central Office of our organization to restraint the four bank-wise federations in conducting the meeting tomorrow at Constitution Club, New Delhi, under the banner of All India Bank officers Association. The case was first heard on 24th August 2023 and adjourned for hearing today at 10.00 A.M. On behalf of our Organisation, Com. Sanjay Handa, Secretary filed the petition on behalf of AIBOA


2.       The  case  camup fohearing  to-day.  On  our  request,  Com. Praveen Kumar Goel, Secretary, AIBOA was too present and participated with our learned counsels. The defendants Com. Krishnakumar and Com. Sanjay Khan were present in the court hearing. The adjourned hearing commenced at 11.30 A.M.


3.       On completion of the arguments of the case, the Hon’ble Ld. Civil Judge Amardeep Kaur, District Court, Patiala House passed orders. The relevant paragraphs are reproduced hereunder:


…. Now since defendants have themselves admitted that they are organising the event in their personal capacity and not on behalf of the plaintiff Association, a prime facie case and the balance of convenience is made out in favour of plaintiff. Further if the defendants are allowed to proceed with the event under or using the name of Plaintiff Association, it would make the participants to believe that the event is being conducted by the plaintiff association or its managing committee or with approval thereof. It would thus lead the participants to believe that the discussions being made in the event are being endorsed by the plaintiff Association, which may lead to some irreparable injury to the plaintiff association.”


Defendants no 1 to 4 are directed to amend all signages including banners/backdrop/pamphlets/poster to be placed on the site of the event and describe the event as

“Special delegates session 27.08.2023 called by delegates under 19 of the bye laws of All India Bank Officers Association in

equal font size


4.       The case has been posted for further hearing on 29th  November 2023. In the event of any deviation made by the defendants the same will be considered as contempt of the court.


5.       The  proposed  meeting  is  convened  by  them  is  in  their  personal capacity and not on behalf of AIBOA. We appeal to all delegates not to be swayed away by the social media messages let loose by one of defendants and restrain from participating in the gathering.


6.       We shall keep you informed about the future developments in this regard


Yours Comradely,



Circular No.26/VIII/2023












In our 8th National conference held at Chandigarh on 25th-27th Nov,2022, there was a demand in writing that the election of new team of office bearers should be held through Secret Ballot. Due to paucity of time and the disruptions occurred on the second and third day of the proceedings of the conference, the elections was postponed for conducting the elections through secret ballot.


2.         Taking into consideration of the financial burden of the individual units as well as travel time by all 630 delegates to converge in one place to complete the standalone agenda of election of office bearers for the ensuing term, with due consultations with outgoing office bearers, the e-voting process was carried out by the Election officer, who is time tested comrade of our movement. He had sent 8 advisories to all 630 delegates individually along with the list of delegates drawn based on the list submitted by the General Secretaries of the State Committees. Against the announcement of e-voting process, two of the signatories of the current circular had gone to the court at Delhi and the prayer made by them was not considered by the learned judge.


3.         There were requests made by delegates through emails(emanated mostly from one email address) for conducting a special session for election of office bearers through physical voting, brushing aside the occurrence of the manhandling of the General Secretary of the affiliated unit on the second day of the conference at Chandigarh. There were representations from the delegates who had filed the nominations for participating in the e-voting process and in addition to the above, representations were also repeated delegate submitting more than one requisition. At the end, it was falling short of the required number for calling for a special session, as prescribed in the bye laws of our organization.


4.         On completion of the e-voting exercise conducted by a Government Authorized Company having HQs at Mumbai for 48 hours ie 8.00 AM of 20.05.2023 to 8.00AM of 22nd May 2023, the elected list of 35 office bearers was released by the election officer. Out of 35 office bearers, one office beareropted out due to the best reasons known to him only.


5.         Having felt that they have been humbled down by the 441 delegates i.e70% of electorates, they have resorted to new diversionary tactics of circulating the blank notice for requisitioning a meeting.


6.         Our appeal to all delegates, who had experienced the shifting stand of some of the signatories in their conduct, should not fall prey to their malicious propaganda of the current one.


7.         The office bearers who have been elected through the e-voting process, shall strive to preserve identity of the organisation with all sincerity and seriousness to secure the demands of the rank and file, as we did it in the past.


HENCE, donot fall prey to the malicious campaign by couple of representatives for a meeting on 27th August 2023 at New Delhi.



Yours Comradely




Circular No.24/VIII/2023





19th July 2023 – 55th BANK NATIONALISATION DAY.

19th July is always to be remembered by the bankmen of the past and present, as on this day in the year1969 decisions were arrived at to nationlise 14 private sector banks first and subsequently another six banks in April 1980. The sole motive was to make the banking services available to the rural masses who were in the grip of deep financial crisis.

2.            The benefits accrued to the society and growth in the economic activities are multifold. Our Banking system stood the test of times. When sub prime crisis of 2008 pulled down the banks in the West, Public Sector Banks of our country stood as the role model for the entire world. Dr. Y.V. Reddy, former Governor of RBI delivered a lecture in foreign country, for the benefit of the Bankers, about the role played by the Public Sector Banks in protecting the interest of the savers.

3.            It was highlighted in our 7th National Conference held at Hyderabad in December 2016 that the Banking Industry has to be saved as the burgeoning of the bad loans would completely wipe out the Banking System in our country and recovering the bad loans was projected as the main tool to revive and retain the Banks in the Public Sector.

4.            The multiple attacks unleashed by the Government at the Centre right from the introduction of New Economic Policy from 1993, are listed out for the benefit of the workforce  



Privitisation of Public Sector Banks

Dilution in equity

New generation of Public Sector Banks, Payment Banks, Small Banks

Merger of Associate Banks with SBI

Merger of six Public Sector Banks with four Public Sector banks

Diverting the Government businesses to Private Sector Banks.

To kill the Public Sector Banks

Outsourcing permanent jobs

Near abolition of recruitment of staff in all cadres

Inadequate infrastructure affecting the Customer service in the Branches.

Levying charges on customers for availing the facilities.

Reduction of Interest thus the savers are driven out of Banking System.

Indirect support to corporate looters

Lack of Will on the part of the Government to enforce the laws for Recovering bad loans

Facilitating the corporates not to pay even the principal amount availed in the form of huge haircuts

To dissolve the Trade Unions

Non Appointment of directors representing the officers and workmen for the past eight years.

5.   The current trend of rating the Public Sector Banks is based on the Scorecard prepared containing % digital target achievement and % merchant acquisition. Based on this exercise, the following banks are classified Good performers viz. Canara, UCO, Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, Punjab and Sind Bank, SBI, Indian Bank, IOB and PNB. The average performers are Bank Of Maharashtra, IDBI, Central Bank of India and Union Bank of India.

6.            The top banks by NPA Write offs are;

State Bank of India

Rs.19,666.00 Cr

Union Bank of India

Rs.19,484.00 Cr.

Punjab National Bank

Rs.18,312.00 Cr

Bank of Baroda

Rs.17,967.00 Cr.

Bank of India

Rs.10,443.00 Cr.

Indian Bank

Rs.8,347.00 Cr.

Canara Bank

Rs.8,210.00 Cr

UCO Bank

Rs.3,851.00 Cr


Rs.3,769.00 Cr.

The amount written off by Public and Private Sector Banks for the year ended 31.3.2022 was Rs 174,968 crores

7.  Digitalised Banking Units have come into stay from last year thereby the lending to a customer is based on the Aadhar card and customer too feel comfortable with the present arrangements, leading to defeat of physical interface between the customer and banker. 

8. One of the leading banks, has recently established the Banking activities through Virtual mode. It is nothing but man-less banking. The slogan of eighth National Conference recently held at Chandigarh in Nov 2022 was Save Gen Next from Job Losses and Secure Job Security.

9.  The task before the workforce is to protect,preserve and promote Public Sector Banking for the betterment of the common people of this Nation. There are serious attempts to dilute the capital of three leading banks and also to privatize three banks, the names are seriously making rounds in the social media etc 

10. While, we remember the sacrifices made by the founding fathers of the movement and hail the Nationalisation of Banks, we call upon the entire workforce to be in readiness to launch a sustained program against ill-advised moves of the Government as well as Controller of Banking System. Our future struggles shall be akin to the struggles of the farmers, if we really serious to halt the approach of the Government.

Yours Comradely,




Circular No.23/VIII/2023



ALL STATE COMMITTEES/ AFFILIATED UNITS                                             




You are aware that a civil case was filed against AIBOA in the Dwarka Court, New Delhi seeking the legal intervention to restrain us from conducting the election of Office Bearers through e-voting process. The case was listed on 18th May 2023 and posted for hearing on 19th May 2023. Upon hearing the advocates of the Plaintiffs, the court was not inclined to grant the stay. The case was posted for hearing on 11.07.2023.

2.         The process of election was conducted for 48 hours from 8.00AM of 20.05.2023 to 8.00AM of 22.05.2023. The new team of office bearers was declared elected by the Election Officer on 22nd May 2023.

3.         Yesterday, the case came up for hearing and the following judgement pronounced which is as under:

The present suit has become infructuous by disappearance of the cause of action and pursuing with the present case would amount to abuse of process. Accordingly, the present suit/plaint filed by the plaintiffs is thus not maintainable, same is rejected".

File be consigned to Record Room after compliance with due formalities.”

Now that the legal recourse is also over, all our affiliates are advised to concentrate on strengthening the organization in every manner.

Yours comradely




Circular No.22/VIII/2023









Com.K.Bhaskaran aged 74 years former Vice President of our organisation has breathed his last today at 7.00 am at his residence.  He was holding the position in Indian Bank Officers' Federation [IBOF] as Chairman and President of Indian Bank Officers' Union, Tamilnadu.

Com.K.Bhaskaran on his promotional posting to New Delhi who had organised the officers under the banner of AIBOA, even before foundation of AIBOA.  He along with late Com.Subramanian of Mumbai, spear headed the organisation in Indian Bank.  Com.K.Bhaskaran was elected as the Vice President of AIBOA in the first conference held at Mumbai in the year 1986 and continued till the Calicut Conference in 2001.  He was also actively associated with AIBOA-Tamilnadu State Committee].

 Com.K.Bhaskaran was actively involved in reviving the Indian Bank, when there was restriction in infusing capital by the Govt. of India with various conditionalities.  The marathon discussions held by the Unions with the then Chairperson Smt.Ranjana Kumar,  and the host of executives was an epoch making event in the annals of the Trade Union history of Banking.

Com.K.Bhaskaran, left behind his wife, son and a daughter and thousands of Bankmen in Indian Bank 

AIBOA while condoling the death of Com.K.Bhaskaran, convey our deepest condolences to the bereaved family and dip our banner in his memory.

We share our grief with family members


Yours in grief,




Circular No.21/VIII/2023

02.07.2023                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Camp: PATIALA






Prabhat – Parvana Trade Union Centre, Patiala, owned by All India State Bank of India Employees’ Federation was the place where the thanks giving function to well - wishers and the volunteers who had contributed for the conduct of three days eighth national conference of our organization held at Chandigarh in Nov 022 was held today.

2.  The program commenced with the offering of flowers to the statue of Com N K Gaur, former Secretary of AIBEA by the participants. 

3.  Com Charanjeev Joshi, General Secretary of AIBOA – Punjab State Committee compared the felicitation program. The function was jointly presided over by Com Ashwani Pradhan and Com Ashwini Saini, Vice Presidents of our organization. Com Gurmeet Singh, President AIBOA – Punjab State Committee, Com Parveen Goel, General Secretary, AIBOA – Haryana State Committee, Com Vinod Sharma, Secretary reception committee, Com G S Oberoi, Chairman, AIBOA – Haryana State Committee, Com V Ramabhadran, DGS, AIBOA – Central Office and Com Sanjeev Bhalla, Chairman, AIBOA – Punjab State  Committee were invited to the dais.  

4.  Com Joshi presented the developments in a nut shell and the election of  Office Bearers through the e-voting process was reported. The dignitaries viz., joint presidium followed by other Office Bearers complemented the volunteers numbering 55 for their untired and selfless service during the preparation and upto the conclusion of the conference.

5. Com S Nagarajan, General Secretary, reported about the developments concerning privatization of public sector banks, five days week, up-dation of pension, pressure on Officers on sale of insurance at the branch level, NPS to  OPS and parity of wages and service conditions with SBI Officers. In the matter of up-dation of pension for SBI retirees, Govt of India has constituted a committeewith a direction to complete the process by 21 st July 2023. Further Govt of India issued the instruction to RBI to revise the pension with effect from 01.11.2017 for their retirees (i.e., merger if DA up-to 6352 points).

                                                               AIBOA shall strive hard to make the updation available to all retirees right from 1986 and up-to the last wage revision.

6.  Subsequently, the volunteers and the well-wishers were honoured with a memento along with a towel by the dignitaries present on the occasion. The details of social identification programs undertaken by JANHATI SAMITHI by its secretary Com Vinod Sharma, who was the Secretary of the reception committee was made known to the participants. The participants were overwhelmed with the gesture demonstrated by the Central Office of our organization. The program concluded with lunch to all.

Yours Comradely 




Circular No.20/VIII/2023                                                                      Camp: Mumbai




In order to decide the future course of action to realise the demands of 5day week, updation of Pension and non-commencement of the
discussions on 9th Joint Note and as demanded by AIBOA. UFBU convened the meeting today followed by IBA discussions.

2. AIBOA was represented by Com.Devadas Menon, newly elected Dy.General Secretary, Com.V.Viswanathan, President, AIBOA[MSC] and the
undersigned in the meeting. All the constituents of UFBU participated in the meeting. Com.Sanjay Khan who lost the election conducted by AIBOA,
through E voting, stood to present his view, which was objected by us, as the notice of UFBU, was addressed only to the undersigned. UFBU
advised both groups of AIBOA to be away to enable them to take a decision. The issue of representation stood unresolved.

3. Though there were many issues in the meeting by constituents, the meeting did not come to any concrete decision to retaliate against the
lackadaisical attitude of the IBA- Government combine.

4. In the post lunch session UFBU was to engage for a discussion with IBA to sort out mainly the matter of insurance backed hospitalisation scheme.
Due to conflict created by the defeated person from Central Bank of India, backed by a leader with a vested interest, who was not to be present in the
UFBU meeting is the main kingpin in this current melee. UFBU convenor did consult the undersigned and to honour the feeling 441 delegates who have
elected the new team of office bearers, the undersigned did categorically express not to have representation inside the meeting as the ghost writer of
the letter's dream stood shattered.

The development will be communicated in due course.

Yours comradely,

Circular No.18/VIII/2023






The thirty four office bearers, duly elected through the democratic process, met at RJS Bhavan, Mahabalipuram on 10th  and 11th June 2023 to take organisational decisions inthe background of changes in different dimensions from different environments.

1. FLAG HOISTING AND PAYING RESPECTS TO THE LEADERS OF THE MOVEMENT : Com. AlokKhare , Com. Anil Kumar and Com. A.N. Suresh Chairman, Vice-Chairman and President respectively jointly hoisted our flag followed by the floral tributes to the statues of Com.Tarakeswar Chakorborti andCom.R.J.Sridharan. All office bearers too paid tributes to the leaders in succession.

2. COMMENCEMENT OF THE SESSION: The office bearers’ meeting commenced at 10.50 AM, chaired by Chairman, Vice Chairman and President. The Joint Presidium directed the house to observe two minutes silence in the memory of the departed personalities and people in general and to the following leaders in particular, who became part of the history during the intervening period from Nov 2022 till 10th June 2023

Shri. Shanti Bhushan, Former Law Minister of India, 2. Mr. Jagannath Mahto, Education Minister Jharkhand,  3. Mr. Naba Kishore Das Health Minister Odissa State, 4. Shri.Sharad Yadav former Central Minister, 5. Shri. Keshari Nath Tripathi, former Governor of West Bengal and Bihar,  6. Shri. Prakash Singh Badal, former Chief Minister of Punjab, 7. Mr. Sumitra Sen, Veteran Rabindra sangeet exponent, 8. Mr. Arun Manilal Gandhi, Social and Political Activist, 9. Com. Suresh Dattaraya Dhopeshswarkar,  Former President AIBEA, 10. Com. S.D. Sundararajan founder General Secretary AIBOA (Kerala State Committee) 11. Com. Bhigirath Shenoy, former joint secretary of Corporation Bank Employees Unionand 12. Passengers died in the Odisha train tragedy.

3. WELCOME ADDRESS IN CAPSULE FORM: Com. V.Ramabhadran, General Secretary AIBOA ( TNSC), while welcoming the democratically elected leaders participating in the first office bearers’ meeting, appealed to them to chalk out different path to build the organisation in the individual states as well as in the affiliates too, in the challenging times.

ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENTS : The house was briefed about the organisational developments that had taken place during the period from December 22 to June 8th ,2023. The collective decision of the office bearers to go for E-Voting process, interaction with the service provider by 7 representatives of the organisation, conduct of the mock drill by the service provider, and ultimately conclusion of the election through E-Voting process from 8.00 A.M of 20th May 2023 to 8,00 AM of 22nd May 2023. This exercise was carried out to comply with a request made by a unit on 27th Nov, 2022 at Chandigarh. The E-voting process was 100% secured, voting can be done from anywhere and no pressure tactics on the 630 delegates. 0ut 0f 630 delegates 441 delegates had exercised their franchise. The elected team of office bearers are drawn from 14 States. As a matter of information representatives from 10 public Sector Banks, 4 privatebanks and 2 from RRBs are in the team of office bearers. The house was briefed about the court case filed in Delhi as well as Mumbai and status of the same was also shared. The recent development taken place in Bank of India in winningthe work life balance and also against the pressures exerted on officers for third party sale was also informed.

Then, the joint Presidium advised the office bearers, to have self-introduction and subsequently directed to offer their views so as to enable us to take collective decisions. On the first day, the agenda on Organisation was kept open for further discussions.

In all, 25 office bearers participated and offered their view points on men and matters in a free and frank manner. On conclusion of the presentation of views, the required clarifications on organisation, our role in the discussions held on 31.01.2023 and 28. 02.2023 with IBA, the inept handling of the issues of importance of serving and superannuated workforce were presented. Apart from the above, the following decisions were unanimously taken to build the organisation at Bank/State/and at All India level.

a. Formations of the Advisory Committee: Taking into consideration of the contributions made in the past in developing the Organisation in various States, it was decided to have the following comrades in the Advisory

Committee who will be attending  our CC meetings.

1. Com.Vinod Sharma,(Punjab), 2.Com. S.K. Sengar (U.P),  3.Com. G.S. Oberoi( Harayana)  4. Com. I.Haranath (A.P and TS)5. Com. N.K.Sharma (Rajasthan) 6.Com. V.P. Ponkshe (Maharastra) and  7. Com.M.S.Jaishankar( M.P)

It has been decided to write to the General Secretary AIBOA (Assam State Committee) with an advice to provide the name of the comrade to be partof the advisory committee.

Further, the travelling expenses will be reimbursed to the members of the advisory committee to the extent of two a/c train fare and expensespertaining to the staying at the place of CC meetings will be borne by the Central office.

 b. Organisational Leave to Office Bearers: The list of office- bearers eligible to get 21 days was decided and the rest of the office bearers will be covered under the CC members 17 days per year.

 c. Concluding Elections of AIBOA (Bihar State Committee):     Com. V. Ramabhadran DGS and Com. Deep Prakash Rawat Secretary AIBOA have been entrusted with the Organisational assignment in concluding the election agenda of the Bihar State committee.

 d. Conducting the overdue State Conferences:  The State Conferences of Maharastra, Gujarat and Rajasthan should be completed within  90 days ie on or before 31.08.2023.

 e. Formation of Women Cell: In order to give due representation to women in our organisational activities, it was decided to conduct a women convention at a convenient place within a shortest period of time. Thewomen’s council will have a Convenor and 6 members with pan India representation.

f. Merger of unions: Efforts will be made to facilitate the process of merger of IBOF and AIABOF as per their MOU dated 19th  December 2020 at New Delhi.The understandings reached between representatives of AIOBOA and AIPNBOF at Panipet on 13.06.2020 and the subsequent discussions held on 02.09.2022 at Dwarka on implementation of the decisions on organisational and financial matters will be given a final shape.

g. Handling of the Court Cases at Dwarka New Delhi and GoregaonMumbai: The meeting decided to entrust the assignment of handling the Court Case at Dwarka, New Delhi to Com. Praveen Kumar Goel Secretary AIBOA and at Goregaon Mumbai to Com.Devdas Menon, DGS AIBOA. An amount of Rs 21000/ was sanctioned for the consultation Charges to M/S Bedi Associates and Rs 11000/ to Shri.Sharma, Advocate, who will be participating in the regular hearing at Dwarka Court.

h. Conducting Defence Class: It has been decided to draw the plan to hold the defence Class at earliest possible time.

i. Subscriptions to our House Magazine Two Roses: The Life subscriptions to our house magazine should be collected from our members across country, as one of the organisational tasks. All office bearers should become the Life member for Two roses immediately.

j. Financial Help to AIBOA( J&K, Ladakh Committee): Based on the request made, the meeting decided to consider the requirement of funds ofRs 3,00,000.00 as loan to the unit to redevelop the organisation.

k. Social Media Policy :All State committees are to address the communications to the General Secretary and need not mark the copy to other office bearers. The Central office will totally handle the Social Media exclusively. The details will be provided to the office bearers, State Committees and affiliated units, shortly.

l. Resolution of the dispute affiliated unit –BOBOU :  The meeting decided to entrust the task of resolving the organisational issue of BOBOU to a committee consisting of Com. Anil Kumar Vice Chairman, Com.A.N.Suresh President and Com.V.Ramabhadran DGS AIBOA.

m. Roles and Responsibilities of Office bearers of AIBOA :In order to involve the entire team of office bearers in building the organisation across the country, a detailed exercise will be carried out shortly by Central Office of AIBOA.

n. Extending support to AIUTIOA : The meeting took note of developments in our affiliate and decided to extend support to their demand of realizing one more option for PENSION in UTI

  7.  Co-ordination:

       The recent developments in the Apex level organisations of AIBOA and AIBEA  came up for a discussion specifically in the matter of conducting the elections and also on  subsequent developments. The meeting unanimously arrived at the decision and adopted a resolution in this regard, which is appended.  In addition to the above, the issues viz; Privatisation of Banks, (IDBI,IOB and CBI) 5 day banking, up-dation of pension, pressure on sale of 3rd Party products on officers, NPS to OPS, non-commencement of discussion onwage revision and parity of wages and service conditions with SBI officers came up for discussions in the meeting. It was decided to take up the same with all like minded officers’ organisations to realise the same at the earliest possible time. 

 8. Conclusion :

              The first meeting of 34 office bearers adopted a resolution unanimously encompassing the above in a precise manner and resolved to build the organisation at Bank level, State level and All India level with mutual cooperation and coordination.

the exercise well beganAt Chandigarh in Nov,2022 was concluded at RJS Bhavan Mahabalipuram on 11 th June 2023, thereby the delegates of the conference had the opportunity of participating in the new process of election.

Yours Comradely,



Circular No.12/VIII/2023

February 12, 2023







Our affiliate All India Punjab and Sind Bank Officers' Federation is in under constant pressure due to the managements unilateral and unreasonable steps in dealing with the issues concerning officers in Punjab and Sind Bank.

2. During the period of earlier MD and CEO, the Bank introduced retrograde provisions in the promotion policy for officers, which was opposed by AIPSBOF. The management was adamant not to grant audience to the Federation Principal office bearers and also to the President, North Zone on their visit to Head office to discuss the unscientific amendment in the promotion policy. The two office bearers remained cool and calm in dealing with provocative approach of the management. Ultimately the earlier MD & CEO along with top management team had to sit across and understand the gross root realities to address the problems of the officers.

3. Once again, based on certain undesirable developments, management unilaterally brought the amendments in the transfer policy for officers, keeping aside all Government guidelines applicable to Women, Physically challenged and sport persons etc. Effort were taken to bring the difficulties on account of the amended transfer policy to the knowledge of the top management in a meeting held at North Zone. But management maintained that there is no need to engage officers' organisation in the discussion. Contrary to this stand, there is a written understandings with AIPSBOF [ majority recognised officers Federation] that the management will discuss and finalise the policy matters.

4. Inspite of reasonable and consistent approach by AIPSBOF, the management of the Bank remain adamant and stubborn in their approach. In this background, the Central Committee of AIPSBOF met on 5th February 2023 at Delhi decided to resort to the agitational path, culminating in a day's strike on 13.,03.2023. The management was intimated about the programmes of agitation.

5. Having realised the crisis situation, the management had invited the AIPSBOF representatives led by Com.Charanjeev Joshi, President and Com.Ratneshwar Chaudhary, General Secretary, AIPSBOF for a discussion on 9th February 2023. After a detailed discussion it was agreed between the both parties that Federation would submit detailed submission on transfer policy, facilitating the management to take it forward for updating the same.


The deferment of the agitation by AIPSBOF was on the assurance of the management not to go ahead till the matter is resolved. The minutes of the meeting is reproduced.

    All glory to the leadership of AIPSBOF.

Yours comradely,


Circular No.11/VIII/2023

February 12, 2023





The 8th National Conference of our organization held at Chandigarh on 25th-27th November 2022 stood adjourned, due to a unit’s request to conduct the election of office bearers through secret ballot. The standalone issue could not be completed due to paucity of time too.

2. The office bearers’ meetings were held virtually on 29th Dec,2022, 28th Jan,2023 and on 11th Feb,2023 to draw the blue print for completing the agenda of election of office bearers. The meeting held on 29th December 2022 under the Presidentship of Com. A.N. Suresh, it was decided unanimously to adhere to the bye-laws of the organization in the matter of participation of the maximum delegates of 50 from the State Committees. The members of the credential committee stationed at Central office are already in correspondence with the State committees where the corrections are to be carried out as per the decision.

3. The meeting held on 28th Jan,2023 under the joint Presidium of Com. Alok Khare, Vice Chairman and Com. A.N. Suresh, President to decide the clearance of financial obligations by the affiliated units. It was earlier decided in the CC meeting held at Lucknow on 8th and 9thOctober 2022 and subsequently in the office bearers’ meetings that affiliated units are to clear the subscription of Rs 60/ per member per year up-to 2022. As per the bye law of our organization, non- payment of any contribution, shall disqualify the defaulting organization from voting at or participating in the meeting of AIBOA. Some of the units are yet to fulfill the financial obligations to AIBOA. On follow up with the units, two units have remitted partially and sought time to clear the same by 30.06.2023. The second meeting decided to advise the units to clear the financial obligations to AIBOA without any delay.

4. Before taking up the agenda slated for the discussion, the meeting observed one minute silence in the memory of Com. Manoranjan Bose, former Treasurer of AIBEA, who breathed his last on 9th Feb,2023 at Kolkata. The third meeting held yesterday, under the joint Presidium of Com.Alok Khare Vice Chairman and Com.A.N.Suresh President, was to transact the agenda of deciding the date for the election. Taking into account the circumstances, it was decided to grant time to clear the dues by 31.03.2023.

5. Taking into consideration the cost involved in travelling and other arrangements to be made for the delegates to participate in the election exercise, it was decided to conduct e-voting and to decide the modalities of the same, the members of the credential committee to undertake a visit,along with the Com. V. Ramabhadran, Secretary AIBOA from Central office, to finalise with the service provider at Mumbai. The Principal office bearers of AIBOA (MSC) will also engage in the proposed exercise. It was suggested to complete the same in the ensuing week itself. Subject to the completion of the assignment with the service provider, the meeting further decided to hold the election in third or fourth SUNDAY of March 2023.

6. The meeting unanimously decided to request Com. V. Ananathanarayanan a senior comrade of our movement to be the Election Officer of 8th National Conference, to complete the process of the election.

Thus, the third virtual meeting came to end with vote of thanks by the Joint Presidium.

Yours Comradely,




Circular No.10/VIII/2023

February 3, 2023





ON 9th and 10th FEBRUARY 2023.

     The workforce in Bank of Maharashtra unitedly taken up the issues concerning the Institution, strict adherence to the provisions of Industrial Disputes Act in the matter elected representative’s participation in the discussions with the management, ill treatment meted out to officers including executives and more importantly recruitment of Staff of all cadres to maintain the status of the No one Position amongst the Public Sector Banks in the Industry.

     2. Having unleashed the attacks in various forms to strangulate the trade unions in the Bank, management further demonstrated its negative approach by forcefully evicting the union premises provided three decades back by them as part of industrial relations exercise in Lok Mangal Pune and sealing the union offices at Mumbai and Nagpur.

      3. Efforts to arrive at an amicable and workable solution before the Conciliation Authorities at Mumbai on 24th Jan 2023 and subsequently too did not yield the required positive response from the management. Every action will have equal and opposite reaction. Thus, the strike on 27th Jan 2023 was forced by the management on the workforce in MAHA BANK was a total success. The report speaks for itself.

      4. Unions are forced to take further steps to arrest and halt the unwarranted attacks of the management on the workforce. They have given a call once again for two days strike on 9th and 10th Feb. 2023 to realise their just and reasonable demands.

      5. Our organization totally support the strike actions by the workforce in Maha Bank and direct the State Committees to extend all necessary support to them at all centers and make the two days strike in MAHA BANK a resounding success.

With greetings,

Yours Comradely,



Circular No.8/VIII/2023
February 1, 2023



Discussion with IBA - 31.01.2023

IBA held bipartite discussions with UFBU yesterday (31-01-2023) in Mumbai. IBA was represented by Shri M.V. Rao, MD& CEO, Central Bank of India, who is the Chairman of the IBA’s HR Committee and ED/CGM/GMs of various Banks who are also members of the committee.

The discussions were held in three parts viz. on common demands, demands of workmen unions and demands of officers’ associations.

" Common Demands ":

1. Introduction of 5 Day Work Week : We had earlier suggested an increase of 30 minutes per day in the working hours for declaring all Saturdays as holidays. In this meeting, IBA proposed that the working hours be increased by 45 minutes per day for implementing 5 day work week. We, however, insisted on our earlier suggestion. After further discussions, IBA requested us to submit our revised suggestions on working hours and business hours for cash and cash transactions. We informed IBA that we shall submit our views after discussions amongst our constituent unions.

2. Updation of Pension : To our demand for updation of pension, IBA informed that the issue is under litigation before the Supreme Court. However, IBA wanted us to concretise our demand so that they may work out the cost involved for such updation and for taking a considered decision looking to its impact on the Pension Fund in each bank, the additional provisions that Banks have to make in the Pension Fund, etc. IBA also explained that the general view and perception that existing amount available in the pension fund is adequate to meet the additional cost of updation is misplaced since all the Banks are already making additional provision every quarter even to meet the cost of the present pension payouts. We demanded sharing of data and engagement of one or more actuaries to calculate the actual cost of updation and also to analyse the health of the fund.

3. Reverting to Old – DA Linked Pension Scheme : To our demand for restoration of and reverting to old pension scheme for the post-April, 2010 recruitees, IBA informed and suggested that since this would amount to amending our existing Settlement, the same may be taken up and discussed during the ensuing negotiations for wage revision. We have agreed to the same.

4. Increase in Ex-gratia pension for Pre-1986 retirees/spouses: To our demand for increase in the Ex-gratia pension being paid at present to the pre-1986 retirees and the surviving spouse, IBA informed that the matter is under active consideration of the IBA Managing Committee and a decision will be taken shortly and accordingly the Banks will be advised.

5. Negotiations on Charter of Demands: IBA informed that the Government has sent their communication to the Banks that the negotiations for the next wage revision may be initiated and accordingly IBA requested all the Banks to peruse the charter of demands and submit their mandate to the IBA. In view of this, we suggested to the IBA that the date for the formal commencement of the negotiations may be fixed at an early date with a view to complete the process as early as possible and avoid undue delays. IBA agreed with our views and informed us that they would discuss amongst themselves to further move in the matter.


In the DA Scheme, the base year may be shifted from 1960=100 to 2016=100.

IBA opined that this can be taken up for discussion in the negotiations for ensuing wage revision.

Allocation for Staff Welfare Schemes to be based on Operating Profit instead of Net Profit

IBA informed that the issue is under active consideration

Revision in Conveyance Allowance for Physically Challenged employees as agreed in the 11th BPS.

IBA informed that the same been duly recommended to the Government and the same is in process.

Special Allowance to be paid to the Award staff in North East

IBA agreed to follow up the matter with the Government.

Special Compensatory Allowance in J&K, Himachal Pradesh

IBA agreed to refer the matter to the Government.

(i) FAQ to Bank on uniform guidelines on fitment /protection of emoluments on joining the Banks and (ii) clarification to be given by IBA on Clause 4(c) of 12th BPS

(i) IBA agreed to look into this issue.

(ii) IBA informed that the issue would be discussed further in the light of the submissions made by the Unions

Proper implementation by Banks of the Govt. guidelines regarding transfers, promotions and postings of PWD(persons with disabilities)

IBA informed that these guidelines are being adhered to by the Banks

Uniform Business/Banking Hours in Banks

IBA informed that the issue can be discussed along with the discussions on 5 day work week.

Retirement benefits to be brought out of the purview of income tax.

IBA informed that they are facing some court cases in this regard and hence cannot discuss the matter since it is subjudice.

Reduction in premium on medical insurance for retirees

IBA informed that the issue can be discussed in the Small Committee

Improvement in pension scheme – additional pension above age of 80,90 & 100; full pension after 20 years service; calculating pension based on last month’s Pay

IBA informed that these issues require further discussions.

Pension to resigned employees

IBA informed that they are not inclined to agree.


Double Jeopardy

IBA, quoting the legal decision and expressed that an officer, who had not accepted the promotion offered, had disentitled himself to receive the monetary benefits. However, IBA was willing to examine the issue of considering the granting the monetary benefits to those opting out of promotional exercise as well as to those who were denied of PQP and Stagnation on account of their refusal but subsequently participated in the promotional exercise but not selected/failed in the examination.

D & A Regulations

We placed on record the efforts made by the Chairman of HR committee, who facilitated the issuance of Government guidelines on Uniform accountability policy in the industry. IBA team, informed that lot of efforts have been put in this matter and the matter is resting with CVC. Having brought the Uniform Accountability policy in the industry, the need has also arisen to have a common codified effects of Punishments (as available in SBI) and also to have a provision to allow the retired officers to act as defense assistants in the departmental enquiry initiated after retirement as per Pension Regulations 1995. We also brought to their notice how some banks are treating retired officers in the matter of departmental actions. IBA assured to examine our standpoints.

Grid Holidays

IBA informed that at present there is an arrangement of monetary compensation to the officers working on the declared holidays under NI Act, as informed by the members banks. We categorically reiterated that number of holidays available to the officers working in the branches should be made available to them. On average, the officers working in the grid are deprived of 14 to 15 days in a year. In sum total, for three years, they are at a loss of 42 to 45 days. We reiterated that our officers should be entitled for additional privilege leave to compensate the loss. IBA agreed to examine the same again.

Child Care Leave

IBA informed that the DOPT guidelines are applicable only to Central Government employees. We brought to their notice that there was an assurance on the floor of the Parliament of the then Minister for State for Finance to extend the facilities to all PSUs and also Banks.

North East Allowance:

We reiterated that the facility to be extended to all officers as available in RBI and other government institutions. The required data from Banks should be collated at the earliest. IBA agreed to follow up the matter with the Government.

Stagnation Increments

While IBA reiterated their approach that the monetary benefits would be available from 1.11.2020, we opined that most banks have not correctly interpreted the payment of arrears due to introduction of one additional increment from Scale 1 to Scale-IV and the readjustment of the periodicity. The amount to be paid as arrears have been factored in while computing the financial allocations. In fact, we stated that the number of officers stagnated are bare minimum, the benefit should be extended forthwith. IBA has agreed to revisit the issue, in view of the benefit extended to officers in some banks, who have correctly interpreted the date of payment of arrears due to introduction of an additional stagnation increment and also the reworking of increments due to reduction of periodicity from 3 years to 2 years.


IBA has appealed to take it up in the ensuing salary revision exercise, we reiterated that an advisory needs to issued to make the facility available to spouses. IBA agreed to examine the matter positively. We are confident of clinching this issue.

Reimbursement of Expenses on Travel By Road

IBA has informed that they are actively engaged in the process of enhancement of the quantum and delinking of the same from existing railway freight charges.


IBA is in the process of taking a positive decision, as per our earlier submissions that all officers who have joined/retired/deceased during the financial year under consideration should be paid PLI.

Mandatory Leave

IBA informed that the advisory was already issued. We, however, reiterated that while some banks have since introduced this concept of treating the 10 days mandatory leave as a special leave, many banks were yet to introduce the same in their respective banks.

Medical Aid 2017

IBA is willing to examine the issue for payment of full medical aid for the year 2017 in view of the provisions made in the 8th Joint Note.

Tax On NPS 14%

IBA informed that they have already taken up with the concerned authorities for exemption of the additional 4% paid by the employer.

Yours Comradely,



Circular No. 6/VIII/2023





30th and 31st JANUARY, 2023.

A meeting of the nine constituents was held at Hotel Avion, Vile Parle, Mumbai yesterday, commencing its proceedings from 11.25hrs. Our Organisation was represented by Com. Devdas Menon, Com. V. Viswanathan General Secretary and President of AIBOA(Maharashtra State Committee) respectively along with the undersigned.

2.         The meeting was held in the background of the non- responsiveness of the IBA in resolving the residual issues for which the MOU were signed in December 2020 and Jan,2021. Prominent and common issues are 5days Banking, Up-dation Pension and scrapping of NPS.

Subsequent to the earlier meeting held at Chennai on 15th December 2022, our organization addressed a communication to the Convenor UFBU on reduction of Cash Hours due to increased usage ofUnified Payment Interface (UPI) and also on up-dation pension based on actuarial report for which actuary was appointed two years back by IBA.

3.         After the unanimous acceptance by all constituents to observe the Strike prior to budget Session, the following issues have been listed.

[1] 5 days Banking
[2] Up-dation of Pension:
[3]. Resolution of remaining residual issues
[4] Scrapping of NPS
[5].Immediate starting of Wage negotiations
[6] Adequate recruitments in all cadres to provide effective customer service.

4.         INSURANCE BACKED HOSPITALISATION SCHEME: Our organization has placed that due to very many inadequacies in the scheme and there was no discussion held on the submission made by four officers’ organizations while concluding the 8th joint note, in the current charter of demands, it was categorically made clear for rolling back to the old scheme. On Constitution of the committee for the purpose of the discussions with the service providers i.e Insurance Company, we had expressed that all constituents should be the members as in the case of PLI.

We have also informed that an account holder in banks (Indian Bank, Canara Bank, Bank of Maharashtra and Bank of India) gets a coverage by paying less premium.It was agreed that the constituents should submit the details for taking up with IBA.

5.         We, advise that our State Committees should take note of the above developments with all required seriousness and prepare the workforce for the action programs without any laxity.

Yours Comradely



Circular No.4/VIII/2023






Industrial Development Bank of India, was established in 1964 as a Developmental Financial Institution by enactment of an Act by the Parliament to finance the projects of huge outlays and loans are to be repaid over a period of 20 to 30 years.The Institution was growing and due to the new accounting norms of income recognition brought into the banking system, the number of bad loans increased leaps and bounds over a period of time. Due to the mis-step converting the DFI to a Universal Bank, problems were further added.  Not only that, a private sector Bank established in Western Maharashtra was merged with IDBI, due to certain compulsions by the owners of the financial system. The service conditions of RBI were extended to the workforce till 2005, the year in which the IDBI repeal act was enacted in the Parliament. Assurances doled out in the floor of the Parliament were thrown to winds pertaining to the ownership of the Institution. In spite of various developments taking place with the Institution, burden of Bad loans is a worrisome factor even today.

2.         The performance of the IDBI in various parameters are furnished for the benefit of the workforce.             In Crores





































Gross NPA














% Gross NPA







% Net NPA







operating Profit














Net Profit/Loss













The workforce of 17430 serving in 1884 branches have contributed for the growth of the IDBI Institution. The ratio of officers:award staff is 90:10. The outsourced employees are substantial and are in the service of the bank for nearly 2 decades.

3.         The Central Government, by a cabinet decision, in a press meet in the month of May 2021, announced that the Government decided to strategically disinvest 94% stake held by the Government and LIC in IDBI Ltd. Our organization, immediately wrote to the Hon’ble President of India, to halt the move of disinvestment exercise equally appealed to recover the Bad loans through fast track mode. Besides this, as the creation of the Institution was through the enactment of law in the Parliament, it should be discussed in the temple of democracy before taking further steps.

4.         Government of India advised the LIC to withdraw their stake in one stroke against the terms of sanctions conveyed by IRDAI. The management control rests with LIC as at this time and they are the majority shareholder in IDBI Ltd. IDBI ltd is a Public Sector Undertaking, there are rights and privileges to benefit the workforce in many counts.

5.         The Government of India, thro’ DIPAM has invited expression of Interest from the interested bidders and the extended time ended on 7th Jan 2023. During this period, the prospective bidders have sought tax concessions, liberlised shareholding, and allowing 51% investment from foreign entities etc. SEBI considered the request of the Government a couple of days back thereby the number of bidders have also increased, as per the print media report.

6.         In the meanwhile as decided in the CC meeting in August 2022 held at RJS Bhavan, Mahabalipuram followed by its confirmation in the recently concluded 8th National Conference at Chandigarh our organization has sought the legal intervention and filed the case in the Hon’ble High Court Bombay. The case is expected to come up for hearing anytime in this month.

7.         The leadership of our organization along with other trade union organizations is sincerely striving hard to enhance the participation of the members to the best of their abilities. AIBOA representatives participated and extended their support for the Dharna organized at Mumbai on 9th December 2022 and also at Delhi on 4th Jan 2023.

We shall keep you posted with the developments in due course.

Yours comradely,



Circular No.3/VIII/2023





ON 20th and 21st JANUARY 2023.

We are happy to inform the units that the workforce in the Nainital Bank have formed NAINITAL BANK UNITED FORUM, comprising of our affiliate Nainital Bank Officers Association, Nainital Bank Staff Association (AIBEA) and Nainital Bank Officers’ Federation (INBOC) and met the Chief General Manager ( Subsidiary) Bank of Baroda  Central Office Mumbai on 28th December 2022 and submitted a memorandum to the Bank with their two demands ie; to maintain the status quo or to amalgamate/merge with the Parent Bank i.e; Bank of Baroda.

2.         The total workforce, as a preparatory exercise preceding to the two days strike, conducted a meeting on 8th January 2023 (SUNDAY) at Haldwani, Hon’ble Minister for State for Tourism Shri. Ajay Bhat attended the large gathering and assured to take with the concerned authorities in Government of India. He has already addressed a communication in the last week of December 2022 to Hon’ble Finance Minster of our Country, supporting the stand taken by the workforce in the Bank.

3.         Nainital Bank United Forum has already served the strike notice to the Bank as well as the labour authorities Government of India. On receipt of the notice for strike, Ministry of Labour Government of India, convened a conciliation meeting at Dehradun yesterday. The Labour authorities advised the management representatives to arrange for a meeting of Board of Directors on 17th Jan 2023 to interact with the representatives of Nainital Bank United Forum. Further he has adjourned the conciliatory talks to 18th Jan,2023.  In the meanwhile, the Labour Authorities at Bareilly (UP) has fixed for conciliation on 13th Jan 2023.

4.         Our Organisation has already taken up with the Controller of Banking System, that they should intervene in the matter and halt the exercise of the calling for the Expression of Interest. Further, the Committee on Petitions had observed about the take over of the Bank by the Parent Bank ie Bank Of Baroda.

5.         Our State Committees in the Five States ie; Uttarakhand, UP, Delhi, Haryana and Rajasthan are advised to co-ordinate with the workforce of NAITIAL BANK UNITED FORUM in their organizational actions culminating in two days strike on 20th and 21st January 2023.

With organizational Greetings,

Yours Comradely.



Circular No.1/VIII/2023
January 1, 2023


Dear Comrades


While we enter the NEW YEAR 2023, the year 2022 experienced certain key events viz: Sky high inflation, tumbling down of the equity markets world over and broken relations between the countries due to the 300 plus days of continuing war triggered by the adamant Russian invasion of Ukraine. Hosts of other happenings too made the year What it was.

2.         Internationally respected personalities we lost were: longest reigning British Monarch Queen Elizabeth II died; Former Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe was assassinated; the last leader of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev died. Football legend Pele died at 82 recently.

3.         The exit of Boris Johnson resigned as UK Prime Minister, triggering leadership battle within the Conservative Party. Liz Truss was elected the new Prime Minister of UK, who provided the leadership for the shortest period in the history of UK. Rishi Sunak, former Finance Minister in the Boris Johnson Cabinet succeeded Ms. Liz Truss.

4.         After a three months agitation in Sri Lanka due to fuel shortage, spiraling economy and Gotabaya Rajapakse fleeing the country, the economy crashed, thus resulting the anti -Government protestors storm the Presidential place. Unable to handle the crisis ridden situation, Ranil Wickremesinghe assumed the head of the Government as President. A constitutional crisis hits the Imran Khan Government in Pakistan and he was ousted from the office in a no confidence motion. Shahbaz Sharif was sworn in the new Premier.

5.         First time in 40 years of US economy, inflation hit a new high compelling the Federal Reserve to hike the rate of Interest. Consequently, the Wall Street faced the tremors in the stock markets. The reflections followed one by one. The European Central Bank hiked the interest rates for the first time in 11 years on inflation concerns, in turn euro dropped its value vis-à-vis US dollar, a 20 year low. Reports of insolvency of crypto exchange FTX induced volatility in markets; Bitcoin fell below $20,000.

6.         The shock experienced in the Globalized World our Nation was not an exception. The war unleashed by Russia, the Sensex fell 2702 points, Nifty plummeted 815 points and rupee slumped 113 paise in the intraday trading. The controller of the Banking System has revised the rates six times from May till yesterday commencing with 40 basis points culminating 225basis points. The rupee-dollar rate had breached Rs 82.00.

7.         Our Nation kickstarted the preventative exercise of vaccination program for children 15 to 18 years. The Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka ruled that wearing hijab is not part of practicing Islam. The steps initiated by educational institutions were in the right direction.

8.         Respected Madam Draupadi Murmu, a tribal leader was sworn in as the new President of India after the completion of his term of Shri Ramnath Govind.

9.         The Government of India stalled the export of Wheat in an effort to ensure ample domestic supplies amid fears of lower procurement. 5G spectrum auction concluded in our country and telecom companies committed to pay Rs1.5.lac crores to GOI. The G20 Presidency has been given to our Country and already couple of meetings are taken forward within a month.

10.       The country held the 44th Chess Olympiad at Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu. Our Country finished 4th position in Commonwealth Wealth Games securing 22 gold,16 silver and 23 bronze medals. The tennis star Novak Djokovic was not permitted to play the Australian Tennis due to his refusal to get vaccinated and deported from Australia. FIFA World Cup 2022 ended in Qatar and Argentina emerged the winner of FIFA Cup.

11.       This year the elections in Nigeria, Thailand, Turkey, Zimbhave, Argentina, Pakistan and Bangladesh are to take place. The international community is under serious threat of Poverty and insecurity of life. The Wuhan virus originated from CHINA, is taking the severe toll and the people are leaving the country. The uncertainty looms large on health count as it is assessed that 2 million people will be the causalities.

12.       2023 is assessed as a year of recession. Inflation, Energy prices, a new web world 3.0 driven by decentralization. Trustless, permission less metaverse dominating the new work places, Space travel to Moon for three days and new hybrid model for working are few of the expected developments.

TO Conclude:

When we have more
than we need
Let us build
a bigger table
not a Higher fence.

Yours Comradely,

Circular No.1/VIII/2022

29th November, 2022



Dear Comrades,



In terms of the notice dated 20th October’ 2022, officer comrades drawn from all over the country have assembled at Chandigarh, the beautiful city of India to participate in the 8th National Conference of our organization from 25th to 27th November’ 2022.


The inaugural session commenced with hoisting of our organizational flag jointly by Com. Alok Khare Vice Chairman and Com. A. N. Suresh, President at 4:45 PM in the presence of Com. Binoy Viswam, Hon’ble MP, Dr. Nazir Ahmad Ganai, Vice Chancellor of SKAUST University, Srinagar, Com. Amarjeet Kaur, General Secretary AITUC and Com. C.H. Venkatachalam, General Secretary, AIBEA along with the participants in the premises of Panjab University, Law Auditorium Chandigarh.

3. The conference hall was named after the selfless leaders Com. S.P. Bakshi Hall and Com. T.R. Verma Manch. The dignitaries had an impressive power point presentation of welcoming the guests by the Punjab & Haryana State Committee, the emotional speech delivered by Charlie Chaplin, whom we have seen as a comedian, and the path travelled by AIBOA founded by AIBEA by compulsion of circumstances after the emergency, conclusion of the 3rd Bipartite and implementation of the Pillai Committee recommendations in public sector banks w.e.f from 01st July’ 1979. 

4. Com. Charanjeev Joshi, the joint convener of the reception committee invited the dignitaries to occupy the dais. Com. S.K. Gautam, Chairman, Reception Committee, Joint Secretary, AIBEA, General Secretary, PBEF, Com. Alok Khare, Vice Chairman, AIBOA, Com. A.N. Suresh, President, AIBOA, the inaugurator of the conference Com. Binoy Viswam, Hon’ble MP, Chief Guest Dr. Nazir Ahmad Ganai, Vice Chancellor, SKAUST University, Com. Amarjeet Kaur, General Secretary, AITUC, Com. C.H. Venkatachalam, General Secretary, AIBEA and Com. S. Nagarajan, General Secretary, AIBOA.

5. The take-off of the conference was with the lighting of the lamp and paying floral tributes to the founding fathers of the AIBEA and AIBOA moment in the banking industry by the dignitaries. Com. S.K. Gautam, Chairman, Reception Committee presented a brilliant welcome address encompassing the dangers haunting the industry as well as the workforce. More specifically the thrust pertaining to the attempts to deny the status of representation to the TU’s and its elected representatives in various banks.

6. Inaugural Address:

Hon’ble MP Com. Binoy Viswam in his address ,clearly unfolded the new triangular arrangement of the new religion called viz individual greed escalated by the market forces to earn profit, more  The banks are dole  out  lot of concessions to the defaulters through the NCLT procedure nick named by the RBI as haircuts but really it is amounting to head cuts. Today, the corporate defaulters instead of paying in full sum the money borrowed from the banks. they are attempting to negotiate with the bankers across the table. The velvet method of treatment extended to the corporate defaulters are absolutely irregular and unjust. In the present-day Government, the census data collected by NSSO are absolutely silent and the democracy is redefined. Struggle for the truth and retention of public sector banks are becoming absolutely necessary. The crop insurance claims accounted as disbursed to the agriculturist was Rs 1,26,00,000 Crores. Actually, farmers were in receipt to the tune of 83,00,000 Crores. The difference of Rs 43,00,000 Crores, where it has disappeared is really a puzzle. While he concluded his address, appreciated the presentation of the GS report along with the documents with the treasure of information backed up with the data, he was overwhelmed by the presence of participants and a feel at home in the function was expressed. Thus, the 8th conference of our organization was declared inaugurated by him

7. The Chief guest of the conference Dr. Nazir Ahmad Ganai, Vice Chancellor, in his 45 minutes speech presented the role of the agriculture university, which is headed by him covered the innovation carried out by the students and the Teachers, the role of the Government in promoting the agricultural activities through periodical interaction,and the role of the banks in providing the financial assistance, the grey sides of the economy in the current period covering the covid 19 environment were explained. His own experience gained in his foreign visit to Israel about the cultivational process, recycling of the water, which were shared for updating of the information for the benefit of the participants. He was all praise for the seed money of Rs 3,00,000.00 provided to the Institute by AIBOA on 17th June’ 2022 through AIBOA (Jammu Kashmir & Ladakh State Committee) in the memory of Com. R.J.S. The corpus as now reached in multiples, nearly more than a crore. His own experience of the TEL AVIV University where  contribution were made by the Individuals led to the establishment of the University to benefit large number of students. He appealed to the participants that he is prepared to accept even Rs.1 to build his SKAUST University..

In response to his appeal, a cheque for Rs 9 Lacs was handed over to him to be utilized for another 3 years period to benefit 2 students of their tuition fee, for completion of the course in the University, by the dignitaries along with our members of the joint presidium.

8. Greeting by General Secretary, AITUC:

Com. Amarjeet Kaur in her hourlong powerful presentation narrated the plight of the marginalised section of the society and also attacks on the working people in different sectors. She reported that the pre-budget talks scheduled to take place on 28th Nov,2022 with 14 CTUS for 75 minutes preceded with Hon’ble F.M’s address. She traced the history of AITUC and its relation is intertwined with the trade unions in Banks with AIBEA and AIBOA. The demand of Nationalisation of Banks raised solely by AIBEA was specifically backed by AITUC. Her message was received with rapt attention slightly deviated due to honoring of Chief guest of the function because of his prefixed appointment with IT officials stationed at Chandigarh. The delegates and observers  were mesmerized by her focused and emotional presentation.

9. Address of guest of honor:

Com. C.H. Venkatachalam, General Secretary, AIBEA, in his one of the shortest address covered the entire spectrum of the challenges that were starring at us and the need of responding to the challenges should be by coordinated approach by AIBEA and AIBOA. The Government is conscious of promoting corporate culture coupled with accumulated greed to acquire more wealth and all out attempts to weaken the democratic values of the country.

10. Conclusion of the Proceedings: DAY-1.

The inaugural session came to an end by honoring the dignitaries including Com. S.K. Gautam, Chairman, Com. Naresh Gaur, Vice Chairman, and Com. Rajesh Bansal, Vice Chairman, Reception Committee, Office bearers of AIBEA Com. J.P. Sharma, Com. K.S. Krishna, and Com. Anirudh Kumar were presented with a memorable memento depicting the picture of Martyrs of 4th May’ 1886 demanding for 8 hours work at Chicago.

11. Delegate Session (Day 2) Constitution Day:

 Com. Guna Sekaran and Com. Narendra Kotiawala Manch:

Though it was decided to commence the delegate session by 9:30 am, but due to various situations, which are beyond the control of Credential Committee constituted as per the office bearers meeting decision, commenced at 10: 45 am presided over by Com. Alok Khare, Vice Chairman and Com. A.N. Suresh, President. The session was inaugurated by Dr. Ashok Chauhan, Professor and Chairperson Department of Economics, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra. It was a Constitution Day and the preamble of the Constitution was read out for the benefits of the participants by the undersigned.

Dr. Ashok Chauhan, in his 75 minutes address presented treating all the delegates and observers as the student of his university enticed them with the power point presentation covering each micro economic details of the deepening crisis in our country. On conclusion of his presentation, he was requested to pay the floral tributes to the father of the Constitution along with other dignitaries. He was honored with a memento  of the 8th National Conference.

12. Honoring of the past leaders:

Our organization was built by comrades who rendered selfless service during the past 41 years. The Secretariat met at July 14th at Hyderabad unanimously decided to invite them as a participants in our  National Conference with a decision to recognize the services rendered by them. Implementing the decision, Com. L. Ragothama Rao (AP), Com. K. Bhaskaran (TN), Com. K. Sathianathan (Kerala), Com. A.B. Shetty, Com. R. Venkatesh Babu, Com. P.G.R Bannithiya (Karnataka), Com. M.S. Jai Shankar (MP), Com. Ram Mohan Tandon (UP) Com. Ashim Dutta and Com. S.N Dutta (WB), Com. I G Gupta (SBP) and Com. S. P. Sengar (UP) were felicitated by the office bearers of our organization.

Com. S. Murugesan, Secretary of our office, was also honoured for his service rendered to AIBOA for more than 25 years.

 Com. V. Ananthanarayanan and Com. K. Parasuraman, who continued to extend for nearly more than a decade to handle men and matters at par with particular reference to Discipline and Regulations/OSR and technical support in maintaining our website were also felicitated respectively. The house, then, stood adjourned for tea break.

13. Honoring the families:

As decided by the central committee held at Lucknow on 8th and 9th October’ 2022, Our organisation presented a cheque for Rs 1 Lac to the members of the family of late Com. S.P. Bakshi, who was an undisputed leader of the AIOBEF and AIOBOA and who helped to conduct the first conference of AIBOA at Mumbai in 1986 with a contribution from the OBC units. This small gesture is nothing but responding with thanks to the noble soul for him trade union was way of life in his lifetime.

Ms. Kanchan Seth daughter of late Com. T. R. Verma, Secretary, AIBOA, who breathed his last on 10th February’ 2018 was honored on behalf of AIBOA. In response to our felicitation Ms. Kanchan Seth, appealed to the participants with the message received from her mother from USA and also to take care of the family, while doing the trade union job.

The repeated disturbances stonewalled the proceedings of the house, which was an avoidable one.

14. Presentation of the General Secretary Report / Treasurer Report:

The General Secretary, while seeking the condonation for the delay in holding the Conference submitted the report to the house on the activities in a quick succession covering the entire spectrum of activities in his 45 minutes presentation.  The report was exhaustive in content, hence, shorter duration in the presentation was a preferred one.

Com. R. Jawaher, Treasurer, AIBOA presented the audited accounts of the organization for the year ended 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. One of the delegates, raised the in huge difference in the closing and opening balance of accounts of the 2020 and 2021. It was clarified that the accounts for the year 2021 were bi-fricated, one meant for Two Roses magazine and another meant for Tarak Institute at Mahabalipuram. The accounts were adopted by the house unanimously.  On the GS report, three delegates spoke before the lunch break.

After resumption in the post lunch delegate session, spreading from 3:15 pm up to 6:10 pm 18 comrades expressed their views.

The house stood adjourned for de-stressing the pressure of participation.The reception committee arranged a cultural program of young artist which was totally disrupted including destroying the decoration of the dais by some of the participants, which had a cascading effects on the colossal wastage of food prepared for the benefit of participants.

15. Day 3:

  1. Though the house was to commence its proceedings at 9:30 am, disruption continued to dominate the delegate session. Restoring the peace to facilitate the transaction of business listed in the agenda delayed the commencement. Once again delegates were deprived of 105 minutes of delay, compelling the presidium to restrict the presentation of the viewpoints of the delegates. Still, 12 delegates were provided with an opportunity to present their viewpoints. The undersigned responded to the participants drawn from 14 states on their following queries:

  1. ·         IDBI-Clarification provided by the RBI and total opposition to the moves of privatization of IDBI.

  2. ·         Security provision for the staff working in the J&K State, recruitment of workforce locally.

  3. ·         Immediate implementation of 5-day banking.

  4. ·         Uniform transfer policy for officers.

  5. ·         Withdrawal of the activities related to the sale of 3rd party products

  6. ·         Incentives for the work force in North Eastern Region.

  7. ·         Investment of UTI-AMC in DHFL scam.

  8. ·         Non-Extension of the other allowances to the work force in RRB s and denial of PLI to RRB’s. besides present attempts of dilution of equity in RRB’s.

  9. ·         Recruitment of staff in all banks in all cadres.

  10. ·         Construction of new basic pay with merger of special allowances in the ensuing 9th Joint Note exercise.

  11. ·         Restoration of Old Pension Scheme to New Pension Subscribers.

  12. ·         Formation of women cell at All India level.

  13. ·         Appropriate amendments in the constitution of the organization, facilitating the representation of the All India Federations of the bank wise units.

  14. ·         Delayed issuance of the circular in support of the agitation given by AIBEA.

  15. ·         Harassment of officer through whats’ app messages affecting work life balance.

  16. ·         Regulated working hours for officers and sneaking transactions of crypto currency in the market promoting unauthorized transactions.

  17. ·         Non-participation of the work force in the strike calls given by the unions.

The participants received the response with rapt attention leading to the unanimous adoption of the report thereby facilitating the lunch break at 14:00 hours

16. Concluding Session

At 2:45 PM, the adjourned delegate session resumed. One of the leading past office bearer Com. Anil Kumar (AP& Telengana) convenor of Bye-law Committee was honored followed by the team of support staff working in the HQs. Com. T. Balakrishnan, Dr. Ravi Shankar, Com. P Selvaraj, Com. Dhanasekaran and Com. C. Narasingam, by the office bearers of our organization.

Emotional recognition by team AIBOA to the members of the reception committee:

The team leader of the reception committee, Joint Secretary, AIBOA Com. Vinod Kumar Sharma, Com. Charanjeev Joshi, Com. Gurmeet Singh, Com. Parveen Goel, Com. S.K. Kataria, Com. G.S. Oberoi, Com. Samir Mantrao, Com. Satinder Singh Satti, Com. Paras Sethi, Com. Rajneesh Sharma, Com. Gurmail Singh, Com. Sanjeev Bhalla, Com. Parduman and Com. Saurav were felicitated by office bearers of AIBOA for the tremendous work executed by them with patience and precision.

The reception committee was extended help voluntarily by the women delegates from Kerala and Haryana State Committees. Com. Jaya Kala, Com. Asha and Com. Vibhuti were also recognized for the services rendered during the three day transactions of the conference. 

17. Appointment of the Auditor:

M/s. M.A. Suryanarayanan & Co. was appointed as our Auditor for the ensuing term with a yearly Audit fee of Rs 50,000/- was placed before the house by the undersigned and seconded by Com. V. Ramabadran, Secretary, AIBOA. The house adopted the same unanimously.

18. Financial Sanctions to ABOU Hyderabad and AIBOA West Bengal State Committee:

ABOU Hyderabad and AIBOA are having joint immovable property, in which staying arrangements for the transit comrades, coming to Hyderabad is provided. On their request an amount of Rs 5 Lacs was granted as a loan for completing refurbishment of the space purchased by the organizations. Suddenly some structural repairs have crept in, incurring an additional expenditure of Rs 1 Lac.

AIBOA West Bengal State Committee availed a loan of Rs 3 Lacs in the month of February 2018 for the  payment of Municipal Taxes and other charges to the Kolkata Municipal Corporation. It was to be repaid Rs 75,000/- in 4 quarterly installments.

The financial assistance of Rs 5 Lacs given to the ABOU Hyderabad was converted as donation and for the structural repairs Rs 1 Lac was also approved by the house. The resolution adopted by the AIBOA West Bengal State Committee in their 10th Conference at Kolkata, on 13th November’ 2022 for converting the loan of Rs 3 Lacs as a donation was placed which was also approved unanimously.

19. Amendment to the constitution/reallocation of the positions in the team of office bearers:

The AIBOA office bearers team consists of 35 members. Chairman (1), Vice Chairman (1), President (1), Vice President (4), General Secretary (1), Deputy General Secretary (2), Secretary (6) Treasurer (1) and Joint Secretary (18). Without changing the total  number of office bearers, the present number of DGS posts has been increased from 2 to 5 and Secretaries from 6 to 10 by reducing Joint Secretaries position from 18 to 11. The proposal submitted by the undersigned was approved unanimously.

 20Adoption of Resolutions

1.The following resolutions were adopted unanimously.
2. Anti-people Economic Policies of Government;
3. Against the Government’s anti - worker labour policies
4. Against the Banking Sector reforms and Privatisation of Banks
5. Opposing the Sale of IDBI to private players.
6. On Recovery of NPAS and action on corporate defaulters,
7. On Up-dation of Pension on the lines of RBI.
8. Recovery of NPAs and penal action on corporate defaulters.
9. Restoration of Old Pension scheme to the New Pension Subscribers.

21. Listed Agenda completed except of Election of New team of Office Bearers:

One of the units submitted a representation for conducting the election through secret ballot and the time at our disposal was too short to complete all required formalities compelling the Presidium to conclude the conference except the transacting the stand-alone issue of election of New Team of office bearers, to a future date , thus the session came to an end at 3.45PM

Hence, Well begun is half done.

With continued efforts to enhance the image of our Organisation, in the hearts of the members,

Yours Comradely, 



MESSAGE OF THE 8th CONFERENCE : With continued efforts to enhance the image of our Organisation, in the hearts of the members,